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I make sugar and salt scrubs, hair rinses, body wash, body wash, body oils, hair oils, lip balms, oil based parfumés, and mood altering essential oil blends. Its also the main ingredient in the repairing face cream, so if you buy a bottle you can try both!) Sterilized container to store balm in; A chocolate melter or double My Original Aches & Pains Balm Recipe (This is the more expensive and complicated version that I use for family members with arthritis, bursitis with extras added for varicose vein relief. if it is in a glass container) and beeswax. I made up a few batches in fancy jars for some of my girlfriends and I also made up a few 4-oz jars as party favors at our annual Christmas party. I chose essential oils that would sooth and restore chapped or stressed skin and came up with this luscious hand and foot balm. . 10 Minute DIY Lip Balm: With only three simple ingredients (beeswax, shea butter, and coconut oil), you can have a homemade lip balm in less time than it takes you to go to the store and buy one. Many makers perfect these recipes go onto start small home-based businesses. Essential oils such as peppermint can also be added for flavor.

Rich Honey Hand Balm for Super Dry Hands | Hello Glow See more Recipes: Balms. This is not our This softer balm is whipped and fluffy as it contains a lot of Shea This shared recipe is for frequently washed hands - nurses, gardeners This is a light, summery cream - sort of half way between a lotion and a Herbal Healing Salve Recipe November 8, 2012 - 7:56 pm | March 15, 2019 DIY Skin & Body Care Recipes , Herbs and Flowers This is my family’s go-to healing salve recipe for soothing pretty much any scratch, cut, scrape, bug bite, dry skin patch, bee sting, hives and so forth. If you prefer the consistency of a salve vs a balm, you could lower the amount of beeswax in the recipe. 5 ounces of Violet Leaf Infused Olive Oil; 1/2 Tablespoon Castor Oil; 1/2 Tablespoon Ginger Root Infused Oil; 1/2 Tablespoon Meadowfoam Seed Oil As we head into autumn, it's the perfect time to give your hands the give of the nourishing balm! High quality ingredients are the secret behind this amazing DIY! Please join my family: SUBSCRIBE 8-10 Lip Balm Tubes * I doubled this recipe to fill my large 2 ounce tin and three 5. Mix well. (Do not use this balm if you are allergic or sensitive to any of these ingredients. It also leaves hands silky and soft, even if you aren’t a gardener. Remove the pot from the heat and add raw, organic honey and vanilla oil.

My husband even has a jar of his own that he uses as a beard balm and sparingly as a hair gel. My cousin is a mechanic and with all of the constant washing and scrubbing etc. How to Make Beard Balm with Coconut Oil. It’s a soy hand balm, and it’s really easy to make. com. Therefore, as an extra added bonus to the recipe here is also a quick one for coconut oil lovers. My dad’s hands are so dry they literally crack and bleed in the winter time. If you find that a recipe has not been calculated properly, please let us know.

My skin has been so dry lately. Swirl to combine. The wax and oils coat the paw, so if they step in a puddle or sludge in the street you can easily wipe it off. Selecting Your Carrier Oil For Your Beard Balm Recipe. Add Shea Butter to the Beeswax and allow it to melt completely. This size is great for gift-giving or travel. Materials for Making Hand Balm: 6 ounces of soy wax; 9 ounces of coconut oil; 6 ounces of So, I promised I’d make him a foot balm that was better, all-natural, and contained beneficial, therapeutic grade essential oils. *This recipe will make enough to fill approximately 15-18 standard lip balm tubes or 3-1 oz.

All the recipes can also be used in place of massage oil, which when combined with a good massage helps to relax tired muscles. 1/4 tsp Rose Hip Seed Oil (I got mine at Amazon– this oil has a lot of regenerative properties. I was looking for a liquid ratio for massage and body is, but the radius you’ve provided we’ll be helpful in making my cinnamon lip balm. This means that without the beeswax, you might need to refrigerate this recipe during hot months, though the batch is small enough you will probably use it up quickly. Hold the opening over the clean 2 oz. Once melted, add grapeseed, almond, and vitamin E oil until melted. Swirl to mix. Remove from heat and add lavender essential oil.

Keep in mind that beeswax and butter are used in a similar way as before, which is 65-70% of the mix. Containers to put the lip balm in – Mine were 5 gram containers and I filled close to 20 with the recipe Put your wax, shea butter, and coconut oil into a microwaveable safe bowl (I used something disposable) and heat for 1 minute or until the soy wax is almost completely melted. I LOVE this melting pot that allowing me to pour right from it. And oh so much more. Mix Vitamin E and essential oil well into melted ingredients. The salve works best within 6 months of making it, and will keep for up to one year. Use a dropper to place in tubes or small jars. Olive oil is another good substitution.

Put the mixture in the fridge to solidify. It’s lightweight and helps to nourish the skin (helping with itchiness and in-grown hairs) Pour the mixture into the upright tubes. These little white 2 oz. I’m not a huge fan of lotion bars and really prefer this Easy Homemade Hand cream. – Lip Balm – Treatment for Cracked Heels. The recipe makes a fragrant, vegan, nourishing, and conditioning balm that easily nurtures the skin, feeding it all that good stuff, while protecting it from the environmental influences: harsh winds, cold weather. Instructions for this Easy & Simple Homemade Lip Balm Recipe. Melt the shea butter, beeswax, and sweet almond oil together in a double boiler.

Essential Oils (I used Lemon and Peppermint) Empty Lip Balm Tubes. This palm balm is perfect for rock climbers—infused with healing herbs and essential oils it helps skin heal to keep you on the wall! Home Page > Aromatherapy Recipes > Aromatherapy Balm Recipe for Minor Cuts and Scrapes. tins. Do not substitute the mango butter for cocoa butter. Coconut oil is often the favorite oil among men. It is simple to recreate and will save you a pretty penny in the process. And I've updated it with essential oils suitable for your skin's needs. Add essential oils and stir.

Put on the stove over medium/low heat. This recipe makes approximately 12 ounces total, or six 2 ounce tins. Please refer to the information on the blue sidebar for general herb uses and definition of terms that I have used in this article. First, beard oil is like a moisturizer for the skin and leave-in conditioner for facial hair. Homemade Honey Hand Balm. For instance, with beard oil, a carrier oil will make up about 95% of the bottle. All of these can be found in health food stores or on Amazon. Some essential oils can dry or irritate your lips, so you need to be careful about which oils you use in your lip balm recipe.

The last thing you want is your dogs to lick their paws and get sick. When you make your own Lavender Hand Cream you’ll get simpler ingredients, a foolproof method (no worries about separation), a wonderful light scent, and a cream rich enough to not only keep your hands and cuticles looking good, but also work wonders on your elbows and dry heels as well. 5 ml lip balm tubes. I love making as many of my personal care items in order to cut down on toxins in our home and on our bodies. The bottom of the bowl should not reach the water. Use it as lotion, hair conditioner, or cuticle cream to lock in moisture for an all-day luxurious feel during those brittle cold months. A balm too soft in a tube will not last very long and balm too stiff in a pot will not melt onto the finger you use to apply it to your lips. DIY Hand Cream Recipe for Healing Salve by Mama Z.

Whipping gives it a lighter consistency that makes application easier. jars can be purchased at health food stores or on Amazon. Combine the castor oil and Natural Lip Balm Base in ramekin. So, I got to work on my own recipe. 2 tablespoons beeswax granules. Add your Beeswax to the double boiler and melt completely. This recipe makes about 3/4 cup of salve, so you can go with either an 8-ounce container for a large amount of salve, or spread it out over several smaller containers, such as 1 and 2-ounce sizes. A little divot can form in the center as the balm cools.

Small glass bowl. 4. Gardeners Hand Balm Recipe – Directions Prepare your double boiler. pdf Download and Print the Lables: Warm Vanilla and Honey Lip Balm Labels . 1 tsp. If we are going to be putting this cream in areas that might have micro cuts (tiny fissures in dry, cracked skin) we want to make sure that it is bacteria free. Allow beeswax pellets and cocoa butter discs to melt completely. Apply Gardeners Hand Salve Recipe.

A friend for the hands, but there's no reason other spots can't become acquainted with this balm as well! Print Recipe PDF INGREDIENTS 1-1/2 ounces jojoba oil 3 ounces shea butter 1-1/2 ounces bees wax beads 1/2 teaspoon lavender oil 1/4 teaspoon lemon oil Materials for Making Hand Balm: 6 ounces of soy wax. Then take out and with an electric wisk or hand blender beat the thickened oils. To use, apply to skin or on chest. He LOVED it and I’m glad he has something that doesn’t contain nasty chemicals! This gardeners hand balm is a traditional balm; it is firm in the jar and will melt into the skin as you rub it in (salves are usually softer in consistency). Combine the grated beeswax, Jojoba oil, and aloe Vera gel in the top of a double boiler or in a glass measure in a microwave oven. ) 0. Both Calendula and Carrot infused oils are great to use on dry and problematic skin. 2.

I hope you’ve been enjoying our series! If you missed last week’s gift idea for my favorite lip balm recipe, you can find it here. Stir in almond and Basic Body Butter Recipe: 57 ml infused oil 20 g shea butter 20 g cacao butter 2 ml vitamin E 1 ml essential oils. It may also be used for other areas of dry or chapped skin (lips, noses, cheeks) I’ve even used this cream as a lip balm recipe (choosing essential oils that I’d like to have in a lip balm, such as Mandarin or Orange or even Peppermint, and using less essential oil than for a hand cream because the lips are more sensitive than the hands). Herbal Healing Balm Recipe. Stir in the avocado butter until fully incorporated. The beeswax pellets will melt last. Beard Oil. 6 ounces of cocoa butter.

Pour in container and allow to set for two hours. You will need these ingredients for this chapped hands home treatment – 2 tablespoons honey, 10 drops lemon balm oil, 10 drops papaya oil, and organic pineapple juice. Once combined, set aside for two to three minutes. Mix in the fragrance oil and Dulse Extract. Melt Beeswax, Coconut Oil, Cocoa Butter and Olive Oil completely. 1/4 cup coconut oil. You can melt the ingredients over the stove or in a double boiler, but we went with the microwave for simplicity. Not sure if it's the change of season or what, but it seems more dry than it usually is in the winter.

30 drops of your favorite essential oils (optional) – here’s where I order my As we head into autumn, it's the perfect time to give your hands the give of the nourishing balm! High quality ingredients are the secret behind this amazing DIY! Please join my family: SUBSCRIBE 5 drops Eucalyptus oil. Ingredients: 1/2 cup beeswax. Ingredients: 6 tablespoons organic coconut oil (olive oil or shea butter are also good choices). Place all ingredients except essential oil in the top pan of the double boiler. Pour the mixture into lip balm tubes and/or tins. This natural lanolin salve recipe makes a wonderful alternative to commercial lotions and creams for hydrating and protecting extremely dry skin. For every 100 pounds of honey a beekeeper harvests, only one to two pounds of beeswax are produced. Taking a few moments to run your feet with this balm can take away the aches and muscle tightness as well.

Step 1 - Make the lip gloss base. When it’s boiling, reduce the water to a simmer and fit the bowl into the pan. This natural home remedy is perfect for dry or chapped hands. Firstly I wanted to cut back on the beeswax, the recipe I found called for an equal amount of beeswax and shea butter and it felt kinda waxy. In a small double boiler, melt the coconut oil (and beeswax, if using) just until liquified, then add the essential oils, one at a time. I’ve included the full printable recipe at the bottom of this post, but here’s what you’ll need. There are recipes for soapmaking, lotion making, bath bombs, sugar scrubs and more. Add in Sweet Winter can be brutal on your hands.

This particular salve contains many soothing herbs that help nourish dry skin and quickly heal any small cuts from gardening. Natural Home Made Hand Recipes to Relieve Dry Chapped Hands. These balms can be made as above by melting the oils, butters and wax in a bain marie then adding the essential oils and vitamin E at the last moment so they will not be affected by the heat. Pour into wide mouthed jar or tin. Aromatherapy Balm Recipe for Minor Cuts and Scrapes. Melt (about 45 seconds in a microwave oven or up to 3 minutes in a double boiler). Rich Honey Hand Balm. ) tubes of Hand and Foot Balm.

Refrigerate for 10 minutes and stir well to whip with a spoon. 3. Add Vitamin E and chocolate chips. Today, we’re making shea hand balm. Melt the coconut oil and beeswax together in a double boiler. Lavender essential oil. If you have severely chapped, cracked lips, you’ll want to use essential oils that are especially good for healing. Top 13 Homemade Hand Cream Recipes – Easy & Effective People often ensure that their faces, lips and eyes are protected from harsh water, it is also important to the hands as well: cracked, dry and aching paws are not fun to deal with, particularly if you spend your day typing or doing any fine-detail work.

Put all three ingredients in the glass mason jar (Amazon link) the olive oil, coconut oil (pack it in a measuring cup or heat it over the stove or place the jar in some warm water until the coconut oil becomes liquid, or microwave it for about 30 sec. Moisturiser, Lotion & Balm Recipes. Another benefit of paw balm is that is add a protective layer your dog’s paw against environmental factors. She has had great results using lemon balm for clearing skin rashes and repelling bugs while gardening, too. Its always useful to have on hand. Ingredients – Shea butter – 25g – Bees wax – 25g – Tea tree oil – 12 drops – Olive oil – 25ml 1. sweet almond oil (or coconut or sunflower) 1 capsule Vitamin E 3-6 chocolate chips (optional for chocolate lip balm) Heat oils and beeswax just until melted. You could also try making Homemade Hand Cream Coconut Oil recipe by adding coconut oil instead.

Our rich Honey Hand Balm is easy to make, does wonders for dry skin, and has multiple uses other than a hand balm. Essential oils can provide wonderful moisturizing benefits, but not all of them do. Turn off heat. (Cosistency can be checked before pouring by dipping a spoon into the mix, and more wax or oils can be added to adjust firmness. Balms can be left unscented or flavored oils can be added such as cherry or orange. These recipes can help sooth dry skin, sunburn, “dishpan” hands, wind-dried skin, mild cases of eczema, rashes, chaffing, and over-worked hands (think gardening). pdf ( Note : If you are using standard lip balm tubes here are the labels that I use. Bring water in bottom of a double boiler to a boil and then reduce to a simmer.

Microwave for 1 minute 30 seconds, stirring well every 30 seconds. This deodorant cream is in fact quite a thick lotion. Recipe Notes. While the balm is still hot and liquid-y, set the freezer bag on a paper towel and carefully snip off a corner. If you want a softer and glossier version, reduce the amount of beeswax by 1/3 and add a tiny bit more of the liquid oil. Allow to set until solid. This hand balm would be wonderful for winter dry and cracked skin too! DIY Climbing Balm. Petroleum jelly is a man-made derivative of petroleum production, and may clog pores.

If you wonder why beeswax is so expensive, consider this: It has been estimated that bees must fly 150,000 miles to produce one pound of wax. If you're suffering from dryness, painful cracks, and redness, this homemade honey hand balm will help. Coconut Oil. Place in a clean jar and use as needed. First, measure your beeswax, coconut oil, and mango butter into a glass or metal container. it really leaves his hands desperate for any kind of moisture. Microwave on high for 1 minute, swirling after 30 seconds, or until fully melted. This is a wonderfully smooth and rich homemade beeswax hand lotion and body butter.

For soap recipes that include lye, please be sure to check lye calculations prior to trying the recipes. My wife said one jar lasts Healing Dry Skin Balm Directions Place beeswax and coconut oil in a glass jar. Today gift idea is a Homemade Peppermint Foot Cream made with all natural ingredients! As with all the gifts in our series, it’s quick and easy to make and it smells heavenly! The method used. Unlike your typical DIY salve, I didn’t add any beeswax pastilles to this recipe because I wanted it to easily and quickly penetrate the skin, like an ointment rather than a balm. This basic recipe will create a lip balm that is firm to the touch, but that softens upon contact with your lips – perfect for filling tubes or pots. My Original Aches & Pains Balm Recipe (This is the more expensive and complicated version that I use for family members with arthritis, bursitis with extras added for varicose vein relief. Remove the lids from the lip balm tubes and secure upright with a large rubber band. My wife made this and she and my daughters all love it.

Homemade Vanilla Lip Balm Recipe I love not having chapped lips in the winter, but I don’t like regular lip balm from the store. A friend for the hands, but there's no reason other spots can't become acquainted with this balm as well! Print Recipe PDF INGREDIENTS 1-1/2 ounces jojoba oil 3 ounces shea butter 1-1/2 ounces bees wax beads 1/2 teaspoon lavender oil 1/4 teaspoon lemon oil The hand balm I made that night worked great but it got REALLY hard and I couldn’t understand why coconut oil was never used in any of the hand balms I read about online. Add in Coconut oil, I stir with a fork that I only use for making balms, lotions, etc. Beard Balm vs. ) This recipe makes two (2 oz. You will also need tins or jars to keep the finished balms in. While oils and butters are melting, drop essential oils into a small 1/8th ounce screw cap bottle, Once oils, beeswax, and shea butter are fully melted, remove from heat and transfer mixture Add Combine the Candellila Wax, Meadowfoam and Olive Oil in a heat safe container. Once everything is melted, remove it from the heat and allow it to cool for 5-10 minutes.

These are incredibly moisturizing and seriously fun to whip up. 1 1/2 teaspoons organic beet root powder or hibiscus powder** for tint (optional). Print Recipe Course DIY products 10-Minute DIY Lip Balm. Peppermint + lavender headache balm To relief headaches, use a combination of peppermint and dried lavender, which will keep for quite a while if stored properly. Put the lid on the container and use as needed. Directions: 1. 5 ounces of Violet Leaf Infused Olive Oil; 1/2 Tablespoon Castor Oil; 1/2 Tablespoon Ginger Root Infused Oil; 1/2 Tablespoon Meadowfoam Seed Oil Easy Homemade Lip Balm. I modified the recipe to use cocoa powder and cocoa butter that gave me a lovely chocolate balm that was amazing with mint or peanut butter flavour oil.

Apply to minor cuts and scrapes, and then apply a bandage, if needed. I never go out into the cold without this. Allow oils to cool a bit and then add essential oils. Just before Christmas, I stumbled upon this recipe for homemade hand lotion and thought that, together with my homemade body scrub, it would make nice Christmas gifts. Heat and stir occasionally until melted. 6 ounces of sweet almond oil. Before making this herbal no bug balm recipe, you will first need to make an infused oil (see instructions above). It is quick and easy to make.

Place your bowl in the frig or freezer to cool oils to the point of getting thick. Stir in essential oils of your choice. 9 ounces of coconut oil. Allow to cool for about an hour, then whip with a hand mixer until it looks like frosting. Heat the water until simmering, stirring until everything is melted. The recipes are meant to be used as a guideline and source of inspiration, so please experiment in small batches. beeswax 1 tsp. ) How to Make Beard Balm with Coconut Oil.

(May also use empty lip balm tubes. Imitation Burt's Bees Lip Balm. How to make homemade lavender calendula skin balm using only 5 natural ingredients. Hand Balm for Working Hands, Cinnamon salve recipe for dry, cracked skin. This Burt's Bees lip balm imitation recipe avoids some of the commercial oils which are included in the original and aren't necessarily the best for your lips, while still maintaining that light and well-loved peppermint scent. Melt beeswax in double boiler. Cap and label. In a mixing bowl, add beeswax, cocoa butter, shea butter and almond oil.

I’ve even used this cream as a lip balm recipe (choosing essential oils that I’d like to have in a lip balm, such as Mandarin or Orange or even Peppermint, and using less essential oil than for a hand cream because the lips are more sensitive than the hands). It is also great without any flavour oils. My recipe is made with jojoba oil, almond oil, and essential oils – which is pretty similar to my DIY facial serum recipe. Download and Print the Recipe: Warm Vanilla and Honey Lip Balm . Add essential oil. For a soft lip balm, I use a 3:1 beeswax-to-carrier-oil ratio. The hand balm creates an occlusive layer on the skin without any feeling of greasiness or tackiness. This rich, soothing balm will re-hydrate even the driest patches of skin.

Sterilized container to store balm in; A chocolate melter or double boiler; A heavy cup (a deep one!) and a hand mixer; How To Make It: Clean and sterilize all of your equipment. Combine oils and beeswax into a pint sized glass canning jar. Handmade 101 has the best DIY recipes for hobbyists and professionals. I hope you have as much success using the 1-2-3 Hand Cream Formula to make your gardener's hand cream as Men’s Aftershave Lotion Recipe August 26, 2014 / 13 Comments / in Natural Skin Care and Health , Recipes Skin Care / by Kyrstie Barcak This recipe is for the man in your life, just in time for Father’s Day, or any old day when you think his skin is looking a little raggedy and old. If you have really dry or calloused heels, this foot balm is made to go together harmoniously with this Peppermint Foot Scrub recipe. Stir in the essential oils, and pour the liquid hand cream into a small glass container. The lotion bars are hard to manage. Add 12 drops each of Lip Flavor Oil of Your Choice and Lip-Smacking Sweetener Oil.

Bees must eat about six pounds of honey to secrete a pound of wax. Remove from the source of heat and whisk until cool, adding vitamin E oil, almond oil, How to make hand cream: 1. Allow the lip balm to set and then cap the containers. Remove from stove. After a good soak in warm water, a cooling peppermint foot scrub, this balm seals in moisture and helps to repair cracks and dryness. Put this jar into a saucepan and fill the saucepan with water until it comes 3/4 3. It should take about 2. Since beard balm is a bit different of a mixture – given that it also has beeswax and butter, as mentioned above your carrier oil will take up about 30% of the total balm.

If you're looking for a homemade lotion or hand cream that will nourish your skin, look no further. Let them cool on the counter until hard. Just to keep the balm soft enough to rub into the skin, I add Sweet Almond Oil. Directions: In a double boiler over low to medium heat, combine oils, beeswax, and shea butter. Soft and soothing, this easy, homemade healing lip balm can be whipped up in just a few minutes, and will help heal chapped lips and skin. None of these argan oil recipes contain anything even remotely toxic and we even included links to where to buy most of the ingredients that we have tested and like. I’m very glad to have found your site. Moisturizing Body Balm and Belly Balm Recipe.

Allow to cool. This paw balm is so quick and easy to make you can have it on hand all year round. Fill the pan 1/4 of the way with water and bring to the boil. You can get the ingredients at a hobby store or health food store. Its the heavy hitter as far as healing goes. Directions for homemade beeswax body butter in a jar 1. Mix the oils together thoroughly, then pour into a small jar or tin. 5 minutes total to melt.

Melt on high power in the microwave for 30 seconds, stir and continue heating for 30 second Stir well between each 30 second heating interval. It took me about 10 minutes with medium heat on the stove. Remove from heat. This homemade moisturizing balm is perfect for anyone who’s into gardening or who just wants to take better care of their hands. Whereas these little jars just pop right in my purse. Healing Dry Skin Balm softens skin and eliminates dry hands, scratchy elbows, irritated feet, chapped lips and cracked cuticles! This DIY all-natural skin balm is easy to make and works great on all ages. 1/4 cup mango butter. Stir the mixture as it melts.

Let cool This rich, soothing balm will re-hydrate even the driest patches of skin. 1/4 cup olive oil. Moisturizing Hand Cream A variation on the face cream recipe that I shared a few months ago, this is just a thicker version that’s ideal for chapped, cracked, dry hands. As they always say, a little balm goes a long way. Most recipes for beeswax hand creams need to be made in a double boiler. But very small amounts can be added to lotion and face cream recipes that need some viscosity. Immediately pour into deodorant tubes and allow to cool completely at room temperature. ( Optional) Add Vitamin E and Peppermint Essential Oil.

You can use it light and fluffy, like a whipped body butter, Melt the tallow gently over low heat, then pour into a large bowl and mix in the olive oil and essential oils. BEESWAX RECIPES When mixture is melted and blended completely, turn off heat. Continue to stir until melted. Not only does it promote skin health and healing, but it also adds an additional layer of protection that dry, damaged or cracked skin needs to repair itself. In a small pot — or double boiler — over low heat melt the almond oil, shea butter, and beeswax. container and fill the container with the liquid balm. This recipe offers an alternative to commercially sold ointments that tend to contain petroleum jelly. 1.

The Method. Instructions. ) Chocolate Lip Balm. While it makes an amazing hand balm, you can also use it as an after-shower lotion, cuticle cream, hair conditioner, and on anything else that might need a little extra moisture this winter. Just for coming to our blog, and so you have a taste of our recipe book, here is our Diaper Cream Recipe: DIY Soy Lip Balm. As I mention in the homemade hand cream recipe, you can use your favorite essential oils to make this DIY hand cream recipe your own! I love to use a little peppermint and orange oil. Add remaining ingredents, stiring to prevent wax from becoming solid. Stir in raw honey, sweet almond oil and essential oils.

I know there are a lot of natural choices out there, but unfortunately for me, most of them have sunflower oil (and I just happen to be allergic). cocoa butter 1 tsp. If adding essential oil, put it in now and stir. It should get light and fluffy. The basic recipe for homemade unrefined beeswax balm includes two parts liquid oil, two parts solid oil and one part beeswax. Melt wax in double boiler. Store as you would Basic Body Butter Recipe: 57 ml infused oil 20 g shea butter 20 g cacao butter 2 ml vitamin E 1 ml essential oils. 1/4 cup organic olive oil Read more about the dos and don’ts of herbal balms here, and have a look at some of the best balm and salve recipes we found.

Click on the affiliate links below to easily purchase the supplies you’ll need: Yellow Beeswax Beads. Lip balm also makes a quick and easy DIY holiday gift idea, and trust me, once you start to make your own, you’re going to want to make about a zillion different versions! This basic recipe will create a lip balm that is firm to the touch, but that softens upon contact with your lips – perfect for filling tubes or pots. This recipe is super nourishing, super versatile and super simple. hand balm recipe

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